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Finding the gold standard for quality and transparency in the wild west of CBD is no easy task for anyone. At Empower BodyCare, we make it simple by providing our customers with the highest quality, third-party lab-tested CBD products available. Our founder started making CBD products in 2004 for her mom, and in 2013 launched Empower BodyCare to bring relief to the community. We formulate our own products, (which is much rarer than one would think), selecting each ingredient with care, keeping therapeutic properties, ethical sourcing, organic ingredients, and user experience at top of mind. For instance, we use organic jojoba oil because it's the most like our own skin oils and absorbs faster and penetrates more deeply than any other oil. Our CBD comes from organically grown hemp, which is important because hemp is a bioaccumulator and will absorb toxins from the soil, which, when the CBD is extracted from hemp, becomes concentrated in the CBD. 

All of our luxury CBD topical products are CBD-only, meaning they don’t contain any other cannabinoids in them. Those products include our Luxury Body Cream, CBD Soaking Salts, Hemp Infused Lotion, and Luxury Body Oil. Our ingestible product, our Full Spectrum 9000mg CBD Oil, does contain a small amount of THC in it (0.2%), which, according to studies, makes it work better than CBD on its own. It’s crafted to be more sustainable and a better value than any other CBD Oil on the market, with approximately 7.5mg of CBD per drop and 0.11mg of THC per drop. 

Because it’s our goal to provide only the best CBD products available, we don’t use synthetic scents or ingredients that aren’t plant-based. From the relaxing organic lavender and bergamot found in our CBD bath salts to the aromatherapeutic essential oil blend in our CBD-infused topical oil, our products are crafted with care to give you the best results. 

For more information on our offerings, check out our product pages, email us, or give us call at 503-882-0178. We’re here and we’re happy to help you pick the products that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

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