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Weedmaps Highlights Empower BodyCare for Promoting Employee Health and Wellness

October 2, 2019

Empower BodyCare has a clear commitment to supporting everyone’s wellness and health needs – including their employees.’ In a recent Weedmaps article on how companies are supporting women workers, Empower BodyCare founder and CEO Trista Okel describes how the company encourages an equitable workplace, where employees, regardless of gender, feel supported, appreciated and respected.

As mentioned in the article, Empower BodyCare offers paid time off instead of sick leave and vacation time, giving employees more privacy in how they decide to use their time. Additionally, the woman- and LGBTQ+-owned CBD topicals company pays 90% of employees’ health insurance premiums, allowing for more freedom in personal health and wellness decision-making is what makes Empower BodyCare, the nation's Top CBD Company, offering the Best CBD Products. 

Find the full article here.

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