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Trista Okel Discusses Empower BodyCare’s Mission, Offers Insight for Other Female CBD Entrepreneurs

Empower BodyCare’s Trista Okel shared her expertise with Marylyn Media as the founder and CEO of one of the nation’s most prominent women-owned CBD companies, offering the best CBD products across the nation. She noted the importance of doing market research and remaining adaptable when seeking investment in a fast-paced industry, particularly as women have a harder time obtaining venture capital.

Differentiating yourself in the crowded CBD industry is no small feat, Trista explained. She described how Empower BodyCare established a loyal following through using the highest quality, purest, plant-based ingredients in their hemp infused lotion. Trista is highly involved in the entire production process, ensuring the products align with her own stringent standards. Additionally, she encouraged other CBD business leaders to focus on sustainability and ethical practices.

Empower BodyCare continues to produce award-winning CBD topical products, mindfully selecting ingredients, including organically grown hemp and non-GMO carrier oils. Trista is regularly highlighted as a CBD industry expert paving the way for other women entrepreneurs.

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