Spirituality & Health Recommends Empower BodyCare for Self-Care in Quarantine Empower BodyCare

Spirituality & Health Recommends Empower BodyCare for Self-Care in Quarantine

Take care of yourself with Empower

According to a recent article in Spirituality & Health, extended quarantine and the stress of a pandemic can have serious psychological and physical impacts, yet incorporating CBD into wellness regimens may be exactly what many people need.

The article highlights Empower BodyCare founder Trista Okel, who offered a sure-fire trio of CBD-infused topical products to enhance self-care routines while in quarantine: Soaking salts, topical oil and lotion. As Trista recommends in the article, start with a warm CBD-infused bath for 30 to 45 minutes – just remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while you soak. Then, she suggests following up with the infused topical oil and lotion, taking the time to massage any particularly sore areas, like overworked muscles or feet. For an even more intensive treatment, Trista applies a heating pad after the topical oil and lotion are fully absorbed.

Empower BodyCare crafts topical products made with CBD derived from organically grown hemp, natural essential oils and other high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients.

For more information about products like Hemp Epsom Salts, Empower CBD Drops or Topical Hemp, check out Empower BodyCare’s vast menu today!

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