Natalie Magees Self-Care Routine Fuels Yoga-Adventure Expeditions Around the World Empower BodyCare

Natalie Magee’s Self-Care Routine Fuels Yoga-Adventure Expeditions Around the World

When Natalie Magee injured her knee on a hike, it could have spelled the end of an active lifestyle involving global travel, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, paddle boarding and more. But Natalie wasn’t about to say goodbye to her life’s passions. Instead, she began researching ways to care for and support her body better so she could continue doing the things she loved.

“I still want to enjoy these activities for years to come,” Natalie explains. “You don’t have to stop doing something because you have a minor setback.”

Natalie turned to Empower BodyCare’s CBD-infused products to enhance her wellness routine. If anything, she says, she wishes she found CBD and other natural options years earlier. As an Empower BodyCare Affiliate, flight attendant and founder of Yogi Magee Expeditions, Natalie shares why CBD belongs in every adventurer’s backpack.

Exploring the World, One Yoga-Adventure Retreat at a Time

In 2014, Natalie led her first Yogi Magee Expedition. It was an opportunity for her to combine two of her life’s loves: the thrill and sense of accomplishment that comes with hiking, with the grounding and rejuvenating effects of yoga. Today, her popular retreats take people around the globe, from Telluride, Colo., to Panama, Belize, Nicaragua and, in 2021, Reykjavik.

Yogi Magee retreats are certainly fun (who doesn’t want to go snorkeling with tropical fish or scale a mountain peak?) but Natalie says they can also result in major breakthroughs, emotional growth and overcoming fears.

“I love when people go into the retreats a little timid, a little unsure, and walk away feeling so accomplished,” Natalie says. “You can meet people, build friendships and surpass your own expectations. I love seeing people push each other to see what they can do.”

Remembering to Slow Down with CBD

CBD has become a necessity for Natalie’s retreats. These sometimes physically and mentally taxing activities can have an impact — and she always emphasizes the importance of rest and practicing self-care. She loves recommending Empower BodyCare’s CBD-Infused Topical Oil for massaging active muscles and joints, such as calves, feet and shoulders, after long days on the trail, in the sun or in the waves.

Natalie found CBD topicals approachable and unintimidating — people like that they’re not going to feel intoxicated after use. Sometimes, she explains, it only takes one experience for someone to realize the cannabinoid’s potential. Natalie even shared CBD with her father, who has gout, and now he uses it regularly.

When she’s not leading activity-packed retreats around the world, Natalie likes to have adventures around her home base, Grand Junction, Colo. An aspiring photographer, Natalie never leaves her camera behind — scroll through her breathtaking Instagram feed for wanderlust-worthy scenery that will have you dreaming of your next road trip.

“I like to go for solo day trips or hikes at my own pace,” Natalie says. “It’s nice because I can stop to take as many pictures as I’d like.”

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, Natalie is grateful for natural alternatives to help her feel her best, even when she’s on the go. Thanks to a self-care routine (she also uses Empower BodyCare CBD-Infused Soaking Salts) Natalie is always ready for her next journey.

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