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How to Get the Most Out of CBD Products

Get the Most Out of Our Luxury CBD Products

The addition of one of our aromatherapeutic CBD products could be just what you need to enhance your self-care routine and get your body feeling the way it should. If you are looking to treat yourself after working out or a long day's work, we have the product for you. Empower®️ Luxe Soaking Salts, made with CBD derived from organically grown hemp, a blend of Epsom, Dead Sea and pink Himalayan salts and organic essential oils is a great way to unwind after a long day. 

After a long, hot, relaxing bath using Empower®️ Luxe Soaking Salts, (we like to drink water, light some candles, and play some mellow music to enhance the soak), we like to apply some Empower®️ CBD Luxe Body Oil to all of the spots that tend to act up in the cold or after exercising. The Luxe Body Oil is a soothing blend of CBD derived from organically grown hemp and organic essential oils and carrier oils – a blend that relieves, softens and hydrates and is quick to absorb deeply to reach all the usual nagging spots. 

Self-Care Routines 

Your CBD self-care routine doesn’t need to stop at just one or two products. The use of multiple CBD products is totally appropriate. Thanks to the way CBD is absorbed topically by the body, multiple products containing CBD can be layered and used at the same time. Try starting with a relieving, relaxing soak with CBD-infused soaking salts, dry off and apply our Luxe Body Oil, (make sure to rub it all the way in), and then complete your self-care routine with one of our three luxury CBD lotions for a soothing, calming, and uplifting experience. 

CBD Drops 

For those needing more support throughout the day, Empower®️ CBD Full Spectrum Drops can be used as needed. With 7.5mg CBD per drop, this is one of the most concentrated CBD products on the market. Designed to give you the cannabinoids you need, reduce packaging waste, be more sustainable, provide excellent value, and bring you the best results from a company you know and trust. These full-spectrum drops are discreet and easy to use – make sure to swirl or shake before using. Start with a single drop under the tongue. You may take 0.25mL (approximately 37.5mg) 2-3 times daily, but always check with your physician before taking any ingestible CBD product. Also, please note that for maximum efficacy, our CBD Drops do contain a small amount of THC (approximately 0.2%). 

Try Empower BodyCare Products Today! 

Our CBD infused products redefine daily wellness with seriously strong, ethically sourced organic CBD products. Whether you are looking for CBD infused lotion, CBD infused oil, full-spectrum CBD, massage oil, body creams, soaking salts, you name it, we can help you reach your goals!

Best CBD Brand for Topicals, a national leader in quality, research, and transparency recently awarded Empower®️ BodyCare "The Best CBD Brand For Topicals" in an article outlining The Top CBD Brands of 2022. Our team is honored to provide high-quality products that are recognized by well-respected media like Healthline. As always, we will continue to strive to bring our community the best CBD products available.

For more information, learn more in this article outlining The Top CBD Brands of 2022 and check out our offerings today!

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