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High Times Includes Empower BodyCare in its Roundup of Topical Companies Changing the Game

July 14, 2014 – More people are discovering the vast benefits of infused CBD topical oil for everyday wellbeing. Responding to the industry’s growing popularity, High Times interviewed prominent topical leaders, including Empower BodyCare’s Trista Okel, about how their products, like luxury body oil are making a difference.

In the article, Trista explains how her Empower Oil – a blend of CBD, organic carrier oils and essential oils – has “[won over] hearts and minds” particularly among the seniors in Oregon’s traditionally conservative farming communities. Trista has seen Empower Oil transform the lives of her clients, vastly improving their quality of life. Initially founded in May 2013, Empower BodyCare products are currently sold in more than 250 Oregon dispensaries. 

Read the full article here.

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