Have a Merry and Stress-Free Holiday Season Empower BodyCare

Have a Merry and Stress-Free Holiday Season

Give Yourself the Gift of Relaxation With CBD-Infused Soaking Salts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The hustle and bustle of people preparing for the holidays can make you joyous or full of dread. Adding a few tweaks to your daily routine can ensure that you are at your best this holiday season.

Make a List and Check it Twice

The best way to alleviate stress is to make a plan and work the plan. Make lists for all of the holiday activities that need to be taken care of and create a clear strategy to implement them. Presents to get, recipes to make, events to attend, you name it – make a list! Add deadlines to ensure that last-minute items will not creep up on you.

Put the Superhero Cape Away

When you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Delegate items that you prefer not to do or that you just don’t have the time to complete. No one will think less of you for asking for help and it is a great way to include loved ones in the holiday madness (we meant merriment).

Take Time to Enjoy the Moment

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and shared with others! Create new memories with family and friends. Don’t sweat the small stuff – the dish didn’t turn out perfectly, the cookies were overbaked, the relatives weren’t on time – none of that matters in the long run. What really matters are the laughs shared and the time spent together.

Remember to Take Time for Yourself With CBD 

A tired and exhausted you are no fun for anyone! Take time to revive and re-energize yourself. Have a relaxing cup of tea or watch your favorite holiday movie. Take a relaxing bath and soak the cares away with our soaking salts. These luxurious blended bath salts feature Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, essential oils and CBD oil. The aromas of bergamot and lavender will take the cares of the day away. Having a relaxation ritual that you do at least once a week will make a huge difference. To kick off your new self-care regimen, take 25% off of a bag of Empower® CBD-Infused Soaking Salts when you use the code SOAK25.

Make this season bright and reduce the stress by taking a new, empowered approach to the holidays! Tis the season for great people, wonderful times and a relaxed and happier you!

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