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Quality Organic Hemp for Our CBD Products

Quality Organic Hemp for Our CBD Products

Our definition of sustainability doesn't just include the soil, plants, wild animals, and insects, though. It includes people. Our team here at East Fork Cultivars is everything. We try to instill a fun and safe working environment that promotes growth, security, and overall well being for all of our team members.

East Fork aspires to have a strong, close-knit core crew that are employed year-round and makes a living wage. We were recently able to add employee health benefits as well, with East Fork paying half the premium of each plan. This helps particularly with our rural farm team living in generationally impoverished Josephine County in Southern Oregon, where jobs paying over minimum wage are hard to come by.

We also conduct workshops with our team to learn and implement continual improvement philosophies in our workplace. This helps everyone feel more involved in the organization overall and allows for our small crew to tackle a lot of work in a very strategic way, thus limiting our need for temporary employees. Members of our core crew are able to change processes, start new projects, and generally shape the way the business is run as a whole, with everyone's input being taken into consideration.

Everyone who works with us on our farm dedicates a large portion of their lives to giving our plants the tender loving care that is showcased in the finished product. We believe that on top of being paid fairly, the reward for a job well done should be a sense of fulfillment and belonging. A feeling that what you do everyday matters.

At Empower we are excited to work with East Fork Cultivars. They are a class organization that aligns with our values as well to ultimately provide the quality product the consumer wants and deserves.

Empower's Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality, and effective topical CBD products which include CBD Body Cream, CBD Topical oil, and CBD Body Lotion that empower our customers to reduce their discomfort and lead more fulfilling lives.

Blog Post Written By Nathan Howard, Co-Founder & President of East Fork Cultivars



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