Empowers Trista Okel in Beauty Independent: USPS is Vital for CBD Beauty Industry Empower BodyCare

Empower’s Trista Okel in Beauty Independent

Interview with Trista Okel

Beauty Independent invited beauty brand founders and executives to share how cuts to the United States Postal Service are affecting their e-commerce beauty businesses. Empower BodyCare founder Trista Okel provided insight on how CBD businesses are specifically impacted.

CBD companies have fewer shipping alternatives because FedEx prohibits CBD shipments, Trista explained. UPS is more expensive, so USPS is the most cost-effective option for shipping Empower BodyCare products. Empower BodyCare’s ability to meet online demand is directly tied to how well USPS operates. Numerous other beauty industry professionals quoted in the article join Trista in choosing USPS as the most logical and affordable option for shipping.

Empower BodyCare is among the leading online retailers of trusted, high-quality Best CBD Products on the market. 

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