Empowers Trista Okel Discusses How Seniors Can Use CBD to Stay Active Empower BodyCare

Empower’s Trista Okel on How Seniors Can Use CBD to Stay Active

Staying physically active is considered the key to longevity, but as bodies age, exercise may become more difficult. The Growth Op contacted Empower BodyCare founder Trista Okel for insights on how CBD can support seniors who want to maintain their active lifestyles.

Many of Empower BodyCare’s older clients use CBD topicals to find post-exercise relief, Trista says. She recommends sticking to topical products that contain CBD doses at 3.5 mg/mL and higher. Moreover, Trista emphasizes the importance of shopping from reputable brands that publish their products’ test results.

Empower BodyCare is a highly regarded and nationally recognized CBD topical brand. Trista founded the company with an unwavering mission to help people improve their quality of life with plant-based products. She’s frequently invited to share her expertise with industry publications and at events.

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