Empowers CBD-Infused Topical Oil Earns Spot on Willamette Week Roundup Empower BodyCare

Empower’s CBD-Infused Topical Oil Earns Spot on Willamette Week Roundup

With an overwhelming assortment of CBD-infused salves, balms and oils on the market, it can be hard to find the right product for your needs. Willamette Week’s reviews of popular CBD topicals makes the search easier and featured Empower BodyCare’s widely adored CBD-Infused Topical Oil for those seeking targeted relief.

Empower BodyCare’s original offering, the topical oil is a synergistic combination of essential oils, organic carrier oils and CBD derived from organically grown hemp, with an aroma described as a “savory assortment of woodsy floral and cutting herbal perfumes.” The article highlighted how the roller-ball applicator allows for precise application, such as on wrists and between fingers — a must-have product for those with hard-working hands.

Beyond the topical oil, Empower BodyCare supplies a range of CBD-infused self-care products like lotions and soaking salts. All are crafted with ethically sourced ingredients and premium CBD oil.

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