Empower in Forbes Empower BodyCare
March 23, 2022

Empower in Forbes

By Trista Okel

With “The Kind of CBD You’d Give Your Own Mother™” as a tagline and an unwavering commitment to quality, Empower BodyCare is perfectly suited for Forbes’ list of best CBD and hemp gifts for Mother’s Day. The list lauds Empower BodyCare’s products, highlighting the CBD oil derived from organically grown hemp.

Trista Okel created her first CBD oil to help her mom manage pain. It was long before CBD was making headlines, but she was convinced of the plant’s power to reduce discomfort. Now, she leads one of the nation’s best-known CBD topical brands, offering customers a beloved selection of CBD-infused topical oils, lotions and soaking salts.

Empower BodyCare sets the gold standard for quality, safety and transparency, crafting effective products that Mom (and you!) can feel great about using.

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