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Empower CBD Luxury Body Oil Reviewed by Men's Health in 15 Best Massage Oils for Sex

We are thrilled to have been listed in 2023 and again in 2024 in Men's Health for our CBD Luxury Body Oil. Men's Health touted it as the Best Massage Oil with CBD for relieving "aches and quakes." Although the article in Men's Health focuses on the best massage oils for sex, the author of the review does mention, appropriately so,  that Empower CBD Luxury Body Oil is not safe to use on genitals and is not a lube, but rather, it works to help get you relaxed by soothing aches and pains prior to sex.

Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients that work, feel great, have pleasing aromas, and absorb quickly into the skin when rubbed in. Made with organic Jojoba Oil, this deeply moisturizing body oil absorbs into skin faster and more deeply than any other oil, as it mimics our skin's own oils. The essential oils used in our CBD Luxury Body Oil all work to the same end as the CBD - giving you the relief you desire while providing additional aromatherapeutic support to uplift your mood as well. 

If you haven't tried our Luxury CBD Body Oil yet, make sure you do with discount code: 25OFFfirst for 25% off your first purchase. You'll be glad you did. 

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