Empower BodyCares Peppermint + Juniper Lotion Lives Up to the Hype Empower BodyCare

Empower BodyCare’s Peppermint + Juniper CBD Lotion Lives Up to the Hype

Hemp Crate

Hype Experiences, which features content creators and their collaborations with various brands, recently added a glowing review of the Hemp Crate Co. CBD Box – with the Empower BodyCare CBD-Infused Lotion in the Peppermint + Juniper aroma singled out as a favorite among the premium assortment of CBD goodies.

The lotion received an enthusiastic review from content creator Allyson Nobles, who described it as “relaxing” and her “personal favorite.” Nobles expressed her appreciation for CBD as an all-natural and affordable natural healing alternative.

Founded in 2018, Hemp Crate Co. delivers high-quality CBD products straight to consumers’ doors. The monthly subscription allows consumers to explore a wide variety of CBD products – and Empower BodyCare is honored to be included in the lineup.

Empower BodyCare’s CBD-infused lotions contain a therapeutic blend of organic hemp-derived CBD, alongside natural essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients. The lotions are also available in aromas Lemon Verbena, Cedarwood + Bergamot and Lavender + Bergamot.

For more information about products like THC Lotion, 9000mg CBD Oil or other CBD Body Care products, check out Empower BodyCare’s vast menu today!

Check out the full review here.

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