Empower BodyCare Announces Partnership With The Cupcake Girls  Empower BodyCare
March 25, 2022

Empower BodyCare Announces Partnership With The Cupcake Girls 

By Awais Javed

Empower BodyCare announces an ongoing partnership with the Cupcake Girls with a special partnership for the month of March to benefit women affected by the Portland sex industry

PORTLAND, Oregon., March 1, 2020 -- Empower BodyCare announced today the launch of its new partnership with the Cupcake Girls, a nonprofit organization that provides emotional, health and financial support to those affected by domestic sex trafficking. and involved in the sex industry. 

Globally, sex workers have a 45-75% chance of experiencing sexual violence at some point in their careers. In line with its mission, Empower BodyCare is offering customers the opportunity to support these women through their partnership with the Cupcake Girls. During the month of March, 5% of all online sales on empowerbodycare.com will be donated to The Cupcake Girls. 

Empowering people to envision a life that is full of passion, inspiration, support, and authenticity has always been a part of our ethos,” said Empower founder, Trista Okel.  “The impact the Cupcake Girls has on the community is monumental. It is important for us to support an organization that helps to build and create a safe and supportive environment to help women in vulnerable situations."

To learn more about the Cupcake Girls and their programs, visit The Cupcake Girls


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About Cupcake Girls:

The Cupcake Girls is a nonprofit organization that provides confidential support to those affected by domestic sex trafficking and sex work through holistic resources, case management, and aftercare. The Cupcake Girls provides nonjudgmental support to empower their clients in their pursuits through respect, resources, and relationships.