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East Fork Cultivars: Growing Hemp As A Social Enterprise

CBD-Rich Cannabis and Hemp

By Nathan Howard, co-founder of East Fork Cultivars

 Starting out in 2014, my brother Aaron Howard and I had one goal in mind: grow superior CBD-rich cannabis that could help relieve my oldest brother, Wesley Howard, from the symptoms of his range of medical conditions stemming from neurofibromatosis.

It was witnessing the positive effects of CBD-rich cultivars that drove our desire to expand to provide more people with the same access to CBD and cannabis therapeutics — and in turn to become stewards of the East Fork Ranch, a picturesque place in Takilma, Oregon nestled between the pristine waters of the East Fork of Oregon’s Illinois River and California’s Siskiyou Mountains. Our commitment to bettering our community — and to growing genetically unique cultivars — has given us a sense of place and pride.

Our Mission is to develop and preserve sustainable, sun-grown farming methods in order to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cultivars while maintaining a resolute commitment to environmental responsibility, science-based education, and social justice.

East Fork is a place for intrinsically motivated people, driven by a passion to improve the world around them. We aim to create an environment that inspires people to live their best life and do the best work of their lives. We spend much of our lives at work. We believe everyone should not only enjoy themselves while working but also find genuine meaning and reward through their work.

To help achieve this goal, we continually work to improve our nontraditional workplace structure and culture, rooted in the research and philosophy of Frederic Laloux's book, Reinventing Organizations. Considered by many to be the most influential management book of the last decade, Reinventing Organizations has inspired thousands of organizations like ours throughout the world to take a radical leap and work to adopt an alternative set of management principles and practices. Head over to our blog to learn more about our structure, intentional culture, and philosophies.

The East Fork Ranch is located in the heart of one of the world’s best environments for sun-grown hemp and cannabis. Living, working, or even just driving through Oregon’s Illinois Valley make it obvious that this bioregion needs to be preserved and protected. At East Fork, we take this responsibility very seriously.

The goal of every member of the EFC crew is to grow superior CBD-rich hemp and cannabis in a way that is sustainable to not only the 34-acres that are part of the farm but also the larger environment and community.

Since November of 2018, the craft hemp arm of East Fork has been certified USDA Organic. We were one of the first hemp farms in the U.S. to receive certification and the first to receive 100% Organic certification from our seed to plants to flower. In order to achieve this certification, we had to demonstrate that we were protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. Multiple inspections were conducted, historical property research was done, and our vendors were scrutinized. After the rigorous process, we were certified and allowing products like Hemp Infused Lotion and other Topical Hemp Products to hit the market. 

Check back on our next blog to learn about their land and soil.

Blog Post Written By Nathan Howard, Co-Founder & President of East Fork Cultivars

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