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CEO Trista Okel Shares Compliance Tips for CBD Companies That Want to Promote Their Brand in Civilized Magazine

Civilized Magazine invited Empower BodyCare Founder and CEO Trista Okel to share tips on how CBD brands can stand out and reach their ideal customers. A CBD industry veteran, Trista has years of experience navigating the complex regulatory landscape and building a successful company offering products including, CBD topical oil, full spectrum CBD drops, and many more CBD infused products. 

Trista discussed how CBD compliance is continuously changing and encouraged other leaders to stay up to date on the latest requirements. When companies are first starting out, Trista explained, they often encounter marketing roadblocks — particularly when it comes to customer testimonials, which cannot make any health claims. She recommends collaborating with experienced legal and marketing experts to establish a knowledge base from which to grow.

With Trista at the helm, Empower BodyCare sets a strong example in the CBD industry for how companies can remain compliant, offer high-quality CBD products and build a loyal customer base.

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