Empower BodyCare CBD Cream

A Great Addition to Your Wellness Routine

Proper skin care tends to be easier said than done, and finding a reputable brand of CBD body lotion in 2022 can become quite strenuous. If you’re searching for a top-of-the-line skincare routine, look no further than Empower BodyCare and our extensive selection of CBD products. Empower BodyCare’s lotions are silky smooth and offer multiple strengths and these lotions can even combat issues such as dry skin and cracking! Empower BodyCare’s line of CBD products is among the best and we can ship anywhere in the United States! Check out our website today for more information on everything from luxury body cream to 9000mg CBD Oil.

What Makes Our Lotion So Beneficial?

Empower BodyCare’s luxury body cream, not only does it smell amazing, but it keeps your skin soft without feeling oily or greasy. These are just a few of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back for more! Along with our luxe body cream, we also offer CBD infused lotion, which not only is great for your skin but can even help improve a good night's rest! Apply the lotion just like you would any other lotion, but enjoy the extra benefits of the CBD.

Different Types of Lotion are Available

Empower BodyCare is your go-to luxury lotion provider with products like Empower CBD Infused Lotion,175mg and Empower CBD Luxe Body Cream, 400mg. Our 175mg lotion comes in a lovely peppermint and juniper scent, and our 400mg luxe body cream comes in a refreshing lavender and bergamot. Get your skin care routine back on track with CBD derived from 100% USA Grown organic hemp, ethically-sourced ingredients, and organic essential oils directly from Empower BodyCare today!

Best CBD Brand For Topicals

Healthline.com, a national leader in quality, research, and transparency recently awarded Empower BodyCare "The Best CBD Brand For Topicals" in an article outlining The Top CBD Brands of 2022. Our team is honored to provide high quality products that are recognized by well-respected media like Healthline. As always, we will continue to strive to bring our community the best CBD products available.

For more information, check out the wonderful article outlining The Top CBD Brands of 2022, and check out our offerings, today!

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